🎓Department of Biotechnology is promoting an English-taught innovative curriculum for Quality Agriculture Management.
English subtitles translated from Chinese by DeepL

English subtitles translated from Chinese by DeepL

Biomedical Sciences

Food Biotechnology

Advanced Studies for Graduates

Department  History

Established in 2002, the Department of Biotechnology offers baccalaureate (B.S.) and master's (M.S.) degree programs in Biotechnology. We aim to cultivate students’ comprehensive abilities and skills with high-quality education in both the theoretical foundation and practical experience of biotechnology. The programs equip students with the knowledge and technical skills needed to navigate the mass of biological and biomedical data that is increasingly driving new developments in genomics and proteomics, animals/plants/cell biotechnology, and food biotechnology. Our education and training is supported  by specialized research-quality laboratory equipment.

Advanced Studies for Graduates

Graduates are encouraged to pursue advanced degrees in one of the approximately forty graduate schools in Taiwan in areas including biotechnology, life science, molecular biology, clinical medicine, biology, genetics, public health, agricultural chemistry and other related areas.

Graduating students can also study abroad with good TOEFL and GRE test scores or take exams in order to be admitted to medical school and pursue an M.D. degree.

Developments :

  • 📝We are mainly focused on the training of students' ability in bioinformatics by combining the characteristics of both life and computer sciences. We educate our students to build up knowledge in both areas.
  • 🧬We offer professional courses in biotechniques and biomedicine in addition to food- and environmental-protection-related courses to meet the goals for future development.
  • 🔬Students are allowed to carry out independent research by taking advanced courses on research topics, so that those students can be more competitive among their future colleagues, no matter whether pursuing higher degress or careers.
  • 📚By cooperation with biotechnology industry, students are actively involved in various research and development programs in order to be trained towards competitive advantage.

Career Overview :

  • 📝Exams for positions in government: Biotechnicians, investigators in the department of justice, technicians working for environmental protection administration.
  • 🧬Research technicians working at Academia Sinica, National Pubic Health Bureau, or other universities.
    Working for biotechnology companies on research and development, sales, and instrument maintenance.
  • 🔬After taking courses in education, the graduates can be allowed to become middle or high school science teachers.
  • 📚Becoming media workers with bioscience-related background by taking courses regarding journalism.